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Dimitar Berbatov, who shows of his effortless skills on the football pitch, also happens to be quite an artist. It seems that the Bulgarian striker is a stand-out performer when it comes to sketching.

Berbatov is best known for his laconic artistry on the pitch, but over the last year or so he’s used Facebook to show off the artistic pursuits contained in his sketchbook. At least, the ones that aren’t too sensual for social media. Berbatov has a passion for drawing caricatures of famous people, including the likes of Tupac, Bruce Willis and Marlon Brando in The Godfather.

Some of the sketches posted by Berba on his facebook page:

"When i see something on the web,and i like it,i try to draw it..In this case..one of my favorite hip hop artist..Snoop Dogg..if u like it,i’ll put some more:)" — April 3, 2012


"Like i said before,if i see a picture or caricature i like,i try to draw it,to see if i can make it the same…i am just having some fun,and sharing it with you:)……This is the Greatest of them all….2pac:))" — April 5, 2012


"One of my favorite show ever..House:))" — April 16, 2012


"H.H.:)))" — April 28, 2012


"Two of my favorite actors, two legendary cops:)) LDF and BW:)))" — June 18, 2012


We’ve definitely seen Berbatov make that facial expression on the left before. These are the characters that have influenced his own style of being.

"Quick drawing..:))..The best movie ever..:))))hahah" — February 25, 2013


Berbatov’s appreciation for The Godfather is well known. He says he learned to speak English by watching those movies. And he also does a pretty good impression of Don Corleone. See Berba‚Äôs mimicry of Don Corleone in the video below:

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