First Rooney, Then Tevez. Who’s Next?

Footballers have made this a habit to hand in a transfer request and then eventually deciding to stay at the club after a couple of meetings with club officials. The footballers these days have made this a joke which is harming the representation of football.

C_71_article_1346264_image_list_image_list_item_0_imageRooney held his club Manchester United to ransom when he called them un-ambitious and demanded a transfer. It looked like like his relationship with the club is beyond repair but a couple of meetings with Fergie and David Gill and an increase in his weekly wage saw him change his mind and stay at the club. Did Rooney made all this up just to get a higher pay? Because in the middle of the season, the club did not become ambitious. They didn’t sign any big player which Rooney asked for but still Rooney stayed. That means Rooney was lying in the first place.

Carlos-Tevez-Manchester-C-007 (1) Just recently, It was Carlos Tevez who started crying and handed in a transfer request. He was homesick and wanted to leave England because he was missing his wife and children who are residing in Argentina. And in the media, Tevez said that his relation with some City officials cannot be restored. Tevez was suddenly linked with Real Madrid and Barcelona. Not only them but to his former club Manchester United. Which was all rubbish since Tevez wanted to go to Argentina. But a player who’s playing since 2005 in the Premier League and is very well settled in the country and his club would be foolish to leave it. Then, after a meeting with Mancini and City officials, Tevez withdrew his transfer request. He was even given a 1mp bumper bonus to stay before these meetings which he rejected.And it showed he’s serious about leaving. But God knows what talks took place behind the doors which changed everything.
Had Tevez wanted to increase his weekly wage he could’ve done that easily. The clubs don’t have power anymore. It’s all about what the players want these days. Shadow of what it used to be in the days of Stanley Matthews and Bobby Moore.

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