The Gunners have all what it takes to be the champions!

Arsenal Chaps5 years, Not even a single trophy? People might frown upon but I still see positive vibes we always leave once we step in to the ground. I see the league and say to myself, staying in the top four ever since Wenger came is an achievement. I think what I can be sure of is that no other club could ever be so consistent on bringing up the youth and grooming them. Seriously, we probably have the world’s youngest captain in our team who has always proven himself and is known as the Midfield-Maestro. Leave alone winning the trophies, that is just one thing but Arsenal are known for their style and love for the beautiful game.

Other clubs must have got many talented players but one thing which differs Arsenal from all of them is how they turn their kids from “Nobody” into “Somebody”. Arsenal must have failed to achieve a silverware since they left Highbury but one thing which they never left is there style. Cesc Fabregas once when asked about the silverware drought in one of the recent defeats this season, he answered that he’d rather love to lose in style than winning without it. In this game of football style matters more than money. I mean, one can not sit back and enjoy the show hoping that some Business Tycoon will come and purchase the club, promising them the success, it’s the attitude which takes you ahead not the money. What if that Business Tycoon finds no reason to hold on to the club, finding it unprofitable rather expense creating, and selling the club; Your success is doomed then if you’ve not relied on yourself. Be self sufficient! That’s the main thing. Just Go with the Flow. Acquire some style and stick to it, rather buying big names and gaining the least from it.

When we look at the past five years, what Arsenal were left with when they sold almost all their big players, was a 56 year old soft-spoken manager, with inexperienced young players and huge debts. It takes years to build a team from a scratch, it has just been only five. With the likes of the rising stars such as Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, Samir Nasri, Aaron Ramsey, Song, Denilson, Eastmond and many others it wouldn’t be hard for Arsenal to claim the trophies. There I have an advice to the Arsenal fans; Hey guys wait for at least for a season or two and your players will shine as bright as they should because the gunners have all what it takes to be the Champions!

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