Ibra’s Price Reduced by Adriano Galliani : FUNNY

This is How he did it .


Galliani: “How much for the big guy?”
Rosell: “70”
Galliani: “Last price?”
Rosell: “50”
Galliani: “I’ll give you 5”
Rosell: “No, last price 45, and like that I’m already losing compared to how much he cost me”
Galliani: “I can go up to 10, but that’s it”
Rosell: ” Ummm …. No? 40?”
(Galliani walks away)
(Rosell chases him with ‘the big guy’ in his hand and shoves ‘it’ in his hand)
Rosell: “Ok, ok, 30 — but just for you!”
Galliani: “25”
(Galliani waves the cash infront of Rosell)
(Rosell’s eyes widen and sparkle as he starts dreaming of all he can do with the monies — but then reverts to a a big frown)
Rosell: “Fine, 25, here you go…”
(Rosell hands over ‘the big guy’ and takes the money and counts it)
Rosell: “Mister, Mister! There’s only 24 here!!”
Galliani: “Sorry, that’s all I had on me”
Rosell: “Oh, ok… well.. please come again and I make you another great deal. Oh… and tell your friends!!”

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