The Vuvuzela bans

A review of all the clubs who have banned, allowed or ignored the Vuvuzelas.

Tottenham were the first of the Premiership clubs to ban the noisy horns, after consulting with the police over the public safety, many in the Premiership have followed banning the horns in their stadiums.


Manchester City and Stoke are the only two clubs to have allowed the Vuvuzelas in their stadiums. While, many others had brains to realize the harm to public safety provided by the vuvuzelas, including not being able to hear emergecy announcements in the stadiums because of the 120 decibel volume of these horns. Here is a list of the stance of all Premier League clubs over the vuvuzela situation:

Arsenal – Banned – ‘health and safety, throwing of vuvuzelas at pitch.’

Aston Villa – ‘Not discussed yet.’

Birmingham – Banned – ‘health and safety, using as weapons.’

Blackburn – ‘undecided.’

Blackpool – ‘The club is disputing recent claims of encouraging the vuvuzelas and will discuss them in due course.’

Bolton – ‘undecided.’

Chelsea – ‘undecided.’

Everton – Banned – ‘due to health and safety and complaints from fans after the World Cup.’

Fulham – Banned – ‘Other clubs banning, health and safety element also.’

Liverpool – Banned – ‘health and safety risk.’

Manchester City – Allowed – ‘no official policy against them, not an issue.’

Manchester United – ‘Still under review.’

Newcastle United – ‘reviewing the situation.’

Stoke City – Allowed – ‘no plans to ban.’

Sunderland – Banned – ‘policy against musical instruments.’

Tottenham – Banned – ‘annoyance to fans.’

West Brom – ‘undecided.’

West Ham – Banned – ‘policy against musical instruments.’

Wigan – ‘not reviewed situation yet.’

Wolves – unavailable for comment

But the FA has allowed the vuvuzelas to be used at Wembley for the Community Shield match between Man United and Chelsea.

Southampton FC, Wrexham FC and Cardiff are prominent clubs from the 2nd division of English football to have banned the vuvuzelas of being used in their stadiums.

Cyprus police has banned vuvuzelas being used in any sporting event in their country. Ven the South African club, Orlando Pirates has banned the vuvuzelas. But so far none of the La Liga clubs has banned vuvuzelas from their stadiums…. and they will be very happy to hear the noise of vuvuzelas in the background as the Spanish did so well in the World Cup with the vuvuzelas being blown in South Africa.

The vuvzelas have also been banned by the New York Yankees to be used in the Yankee Stadium and in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

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