The La Liga Kit Special: Season 2010-11

This time the Football Realm brings our Spanish fans the new kits of La Liga Clubs. The clubs are revealing their home, away and third kits for the new campaign. Some fans are delighted with the new kits but some are disappointed. There are also some dodgy fakes around the internet. So Football Realm brings you the best and the worst.


More new kits have arrived, and this one is designed by Nike for Los Rojiblancos or Club Atlético de Madrid. This year’s modifications include an increased number of stripes which are therefore thinner, and the central part of the front of the jersey is red.
This change has a retro feel back to the beginnings of the original jersey. The other big refit is the return of the polo-type collar, which is the primary red colour of the entire jersey, after missing for several years. The national flag remains on the rear part of the collar.
Additional changes are the inscription on the inside of the collar, from ‘Bendita afición’ (‘Blessed fans’) to‘Espíritu de superación’ (‘Overcoming spirit’), a small label appears on jersey side, with ‘Atlético de Madrid’ on one side and ‘1903’on the flipside, the year Club was founded


The away kit is very attractive. Black is the colour chosen for the 2009/2010 campaign, both for the jersey and the shorts. This shade has not been linked to Atlético de Madrid – a few years ago it appeared next to yellow stripes – the Atleti fans should go crazy for it. The socks will also be black with a red stripe. The screen printing will be red, with a vertical line of the same colour appearing below it.



There are clubs that change things up every year, they’ll move the position of the badge, or they’ll fiddle with hoops or vertical stripes for their away kit, or even try tiger patterns on their goalkeeper’s kits (are you listening Barça?), but Real Madrid is a constant. You know that year after year at least, Real Madrid will always be playing in white, and even if the shirt sponsor may change, the clear white of that kit against the backdrop of grass is an indelible image of fall for fans of La Liga.
Which is so interesting then that things have change a bit from last year’s kit. First of all, Real Madrid have returned to a lighter shade of blue on the Adidas striping than the dark blue that existed on last year’s shirt and almost unnoticeable from afar, there is a pattern beginning on the badge, rays emanating from a central source, which is really a reflection of where Real Madrid see themselves really, as the light that brightens Spanish Football.



Have you had one of those days? When everything you did or wrote came out horribly wrong? Well, yesterday was one of those days. Besides confusing David Villa with David Silva, I put up the wrong pics with the Valencia Kit article I wrote yesterday. Apologies to those I wronged, we will make it up to you, but I promise, these are the new Valencia kits for 2010-2011. Not the ones I posted last year and tried to pass off as this year’s kits. Again. Much apologies.
Well, these are actually better overall I guess. The home kit continues the traditional white top with accented black and the black shorts. The sponsor is still Unibet but the logo is smaller overall in relation to the badge and the kappa logo. An interesting detail is that new sponsor Herbalife, an American nutritional supplements and weight-loss company based out of Los Angeles, California who also sponsor the L.A. Galaxy, has a logo prominently situated on the shorts of all the kits.


The away kit is not the stylish black and orange kit I so mistakenly called out yesterday, but an even nicer one with an orange top with white shorts. I thought I wasn’t going to like it much, but it reminds me of the Holland kit to a certain extent and orange is such a rare color that it’s suits Valencia.
The third kit is blue and white. Reminds me of the Sampdoria home kit, while the goalkeeper’s kit is a dull as dishwater black and grey kit. Overall a nice design. Wish my head would have been on straight yesterday so I might have posted it correctly.


Usually the Barcelona kits that Nike have been working on over the last few years have been truly horrendous, especially with the away kits. I remember that horrid beige kit, the tacky aquamarine or the god-awful radioactive yellow monstrosity, but at least the home kits have been classy, elegant and traditonal even when the Portland, Oregon sportswear giant flirted with half-panels one year or adjusted the width of the stripes, but this year., pretty much everything bites.


Home Kit: I don’t like the yellow accents on the collar and the sleeves and I don’t like the red shorts.

Away Kit: This looks like a Sunday-in-the-park kit for teams in leagues that can’t afford to buy real kits. The horizontal stripe is bad enough, but dividing it into blaugrana colors is even worse, and then to top it off, they put that on a field of puke green? Are they color blind?
Keeper’s Kit: The tiger stripes are putrid. Yuck.
Overall, a very disappointing rollout.

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