The Demise of England


Yet another disappointment in the World Cup for England. Although they did a hard work in qualifying for the World Cup and then after being struggling so hard for even qualifying for the Pre-Quarters, were finally thrown out of the World Cup in the Pre-Quarters by a below par and well organized German side.

A very shameful and a disappointed exit from the world cup was due to a number of reasons in my view.


First of all, before the starting of the World Cup 2010, one of the strongest sides England, had to face some serious injury concerns mainly David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand. They were given a big shock that their best free kick taker David Beckham was not going to play in the World Cup after suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon injury while playing for his club AC Milan against Chievo. Then what made it worst was Rio Ferdinand’s knee ligament which was severely damaged by Heskey’s tackle in one of the training sessions just before the starting of the World Cup which shattered everyone’s hope of having the Dream Defense of Rio-Terry in the most important event which only happens once in every 4 years.

Furthermore, Fabio Capello and former England Player David Beckham must be realizing the mistakes in their unjustified selections such as Aaron Lennon, Emile Heskey, who didn’t turn out to be any special one for the team and what they must have done was the selection of Theo Walcott, Ashley Young, Darren Bent, Gabriel Agbonlahor who were actually more eligible for that place in the squad. I really feel that the pace and spark on the wings was where England lacked the most.

England was supposed to play better only if Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney would’ve combined but they were just so involved in their own games that they never realized that this will cost them the World Cup. And when they heard the alarm bells it was already too late. What was really missing in the England Squad was the organization and the combination of the key players such as Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard to play a team game. Drawing 2 and winning only 1 of the 3 matches in the Group Stage and struggling for qualifying into the last 16’s is obviously not up to the mark as it should be for a squad like England. England, which was one of the strongest side on the paper having high profile names such as Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, John Terry etc, were tipped to make it to the Finals of the World Cup but only managed to score 3 goals while conceded 5 in their World Cup campaign, which I think is not expected from a team competing for the World Cup Honours.

Mathew Upson

If Fabio Capello remains the Manager of England International Squad he’ll have to look and should have to keep these points in his mind for the next upcoming games. He should have to keep a close eye on the fitness level of each player. One thing he should learn from the defeat by hands of relatively inexperienced German side is that experience and big names do not matter everything and one should pick up a team which is a blend of Youth and Experience which was definitely there in German Squad. Last but not the least, the most important thing, he should let the whole team understand that “It’s not a One-Man Show, It’s a team game and they should play like a Team”

Podolski Muller

Yet another high Profile Team is eliminated from the World Cup. Premier League is believed to be one of the best leagues of the world yet the star studded squad did not manage to make it to the Quarter Finals which they did in the past two World Cups. Yes, that denied goal from Lampard was a set back and a massive one and being Chelsea fan I really feel for him but still that incident shouldn’t be taken as an excuse to their defeat as the two wonder kids (Ozil and Muller) of Germany absolutely ripped off their defense on counter even when they were falling behind in possession. England will now have to take the blame of their failure in their World Cup campaign. With this defeat the expectations of millions of fans around the world ended in disappointment who dreamed of Rooney to outburst his Goal Scoring Instinct in the World Cup. I am not shy to say that I was supporting England but now that they are defeated I must say “That was a Defeat well-deserved”.

Steven Gerrard

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