Spanish giants being a real bully?

It’s been seen how the Spanish Football attracts players all around the world, make them feel the magic, purchase them, sometimes utilize and sometimes making them rot on the bench. This normally happens when a team is overcrowded by same variety of players.


We’ve been seeing how the Spanish Giants have been spending money to buy success. Look at the case of Real Madrid: Real bought too many big names, although it worked for a season or two but it left the team unsettled and disarrayed. Still they haven’t realized how the situation twitched because of the good signings. As a matter of fact every team needs some average line   players to maintain consistency and flow. Once there are all   big names in the team, team’s natural style is ruined as   every single player will try to be off the mark. Still being  highly rated Madrid side is ruining their talent as the goal  scoring spree of Gonzalo Higuain has never ended and yet  he’s currently being underpaid than rest of the strikers. Another example which everyone must have witnessed is  Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Everyone must’ve seen how much less  opportunities he was given to display his real talent. Many big names are still in the team, putting their efforts but a season has gone and still it hasn’t paid off.

Seeing their opponents, Barcelona are following the footsteps of Real Madrid now. We’ve already witnessed how Thierry Henry was shown heavens by Catalans when he was in Arsenal. Even though he was achieving high with the gunners, he felt incomplete. The thing missing was the Champions League Honour. Observing the situation, Barcelona decided to strike the iron as it was hot. Catalans started to propagate Thierry Henry desires through the media as a result of which Theirry Henry put down the pen and signed the deal. Being sidelined for half of the season the no. 14 couldn’t gain the position which he used to have in Arsenal. Even though he got what he wanted in Barcelona but in the return he had to lose his first place in the French National Team. Same is the strategy they are playing with the Arsenal Captain Francesc Fabregas. Despite making the most of their current midfield Barcelona feels the place for Cesc Fabregas. It’s like a frenzy has seized upon Catalans to land in the Arsenal Captain but have they ever thought about the fact that who is going to be replaced by him. The answer is No! They Haven’t. Still they have intentions to recruit their subs bench so they might use them when the first team players are injured.


It is a concern how this ‘Beautiful Game’ is being ruined by this kind of idea. Spanish sides must think about it and should drop the intentions of signing the players they don’t have a need for and which might not ruin the career of the player.

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