Dreadful Costumes: World Cup Fans Part 1

After every four years millions of football fans around the globe make it to the World Cup, wearing their national colors and representing their country’s pride and honor. Its always interesting to see how they dress up as they turn up in most outrageous of outfits and costumes catching the eyes of millions as well as the camramen. As the World Cup gathers pace Football Realm brings you the most striking costumes from the streets and stands of South Africa.


Green Beard, Blue Feathers, Brasil is what it is all about.


A Mexican Fan with enormous head gear holding his head


Bafana Bafana Fan wearing pathetic glasses and blowing Vuvuzela . . . Pooo Pooooooooo


Fan:“Pass the ball to Van Persie, he’s free!”

VDV:”First tell me how did you do that to your face?”

21626621DD6321CD82B82EDBBA8B3E Egg-like costumed Japan Fans with tongues out showing desperation for the WC Trophy!

43313570F0F267ECA4A634286263ABWorld Cup, World Cup, only 2 are left! Come get it fast”

729131195B1DCE27BC37659CEF8A White Algerian Tiger needed National flag to cover his body

934092465192DFF440EFF67C1985Mexican Fan with sombrero big enough to give shade to the Durban Stadium

A5B2D64B9BBF33D86B751A18315D6CCan you please stop looking so damn happy? Higuain has just netted his 3rd goal

A59668A76E4F66E0C36F7A2112F5I love my Vuvuzela and Pirate Hat more than Chile!”

C90E2E5596FCDBE7C3201A1E2D2Scream it like Rooney, Oh no Rooney is in England and Messi doesn’t usually scream, My Bad”

CD32407285EA19E8E770837E91B958Ahhh Bendtner, You missed it again!”

D373E7B95168E778C431FE2EFEC1FB Somebody please tell Ghana fans to dress up a little better. There’s no way Cameraman going to capture you guys except for the one who took this picture.

F72A8D3F7BD945186A2B7579A6AFDF Yes Brazil is winning, Now can you please take those silly glasses off!

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